Delos Island is an archaeological site of great importance and heritage, with an ancient civilization flourishing circa 1000 BC. Amongst the monuments there is a museum protecting many of the treasures from this island, as well as being to walk through the marble ruins and buildings of the ancient town on its original location. There houses with mosaics on the walls and floors, the ancient theatre, the water cistern,  the old market, are all still there. Just a 20-minute speedboat ride from Santa Marina, this UNESCO World Heritage is a special place. Ancient Greek Mythology says that Delos was the birthplace of the twin son and daughter of Zeus, Apollo (god of the sun and light) and Artemis (goddess of chastity and the moon); an island of light and energy. The Treasury of the Athenian Empire, 500BC, was located on the sacred island of Delos, finding protection from pirates of those times.  The first world’s Synagogue can also be found in the history of Delos.